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To Authors and Publishers:

I read mostly anything which has romance in it so if there's no romance in the book, the possibility of me reading it wouldn't be that good. Sending me a copy of your book doesn't necessarily mean that I would review it, but the likeliness of me reviewing it is more if you book has romance. Paperback and Hardbound books will be prioritized.

When emailing me with review request please include:
  • Genre of the book
  • Goodreads link or any other link
  • When you want your review to be posted
  • Blurb/Synopsis
  • An excerpt so I would be able to get a feel of the book.
Please keep in mind that my reviews would not be always be positive but I can assure you that it would be honest.

Blog Templates

Since a lot of people has been asking me where I got my template I want to say that I made my own Blogger Template and I am also open to making custom Blogger Templates. 

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