So I don't know if anyone thought of this yet so I decided to do this.

Mechanics of the Tag:

Tag 5 of your friends who are book bloggers or at the very least book lovers and write 7 THINGS YOU LOOK FOR IN A BOOK.

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Now here are


1. Give me that title, title.

Have you ever read a title that basically tells you what the plot would be in one sentence?

Here are some examples which I totally made up:

The Greek Billionaire's Pregnant Mistress

My sexy hot Dominant Boss


Falling for my Professor who is thirteen years older than me

Seems familiar? Well most of the titles mentioned above were edited versions of Harlequin books which I have read. I don't hate Harlequin but why won't anyone convince the writers to choose a better title? I mean some books are semi-good but when you tell the plot with just one sentence, why would you even bother reading the book. Right? A title that's intriguing yet not giving out everything away is my kind of title.

2. Cover, cover, cover

I know that there's a saying that tells you that don't judge a book by its cover, but who can honestly tell me that there wasn't a single moment in your life that you decided to forgo reading a book because of it's cover?

The reason why the cover means something to me is that the more professional looking the cover is, the more I think that the book is worth reading. I guess it's because subconsciously I think that if they could afford to hire a great cover artist, then they could also have the time to find an author who would be worth publishing. But that doesn't necessarily mean I only read books that have great covers because I get disappointed too. (*Ehem* The Elite) But since the cover is the first thing I see it really does play an important role for a book I would potentially read.

3. Synopsis is the key.

So if the cover doesn't come up to my standards that doesn't necessarily mean I would instantly decide not to read it, there's still hope and that hope is the synopsis. I love a synopsis that would make you want to read the book by giving out hints to certain scenes that would happen but would not give out everything. A great example of giving out almost everything is the Cinderella trailer. Have you guys seen it? If you did then you know what I'm trying to say. It showed almost all of the exciting scenes that would happen and it was almost like watching the whole movie in three minutes.

4. Grammar Nazi! Grammar Nazi!

When the book captures my intention and I decide to read it, I really want it to have no or a really small amount of grammatical errors because I feel cheated with the money I paid for a book and the time I wasted doing something else rather than internally editing a book of its errors.

5. Uniqueness Please!

I know that it's really difficult to think of a unique plot for a book since there a millions of books published and unpublished out there but I want a book that may seem to have a cliché plot but the author would be able to add his own take on it.

6. Let's take it slow, so slow.

I love a good action-filled book like other people out there but one of my pet peeves is when a book is too fast to become believable. I know you're reading this and thinking about "But it's a fantasy novel" and "It's supposed to be like that" but in my opinion for a book to be really successful, it needs to have a touch of reality in it to be more relatable for the readers.

7. Happy never Endings?

I hate it when a book has an ending which ends in a cliffhanger and the bad thing is there will never be a next book. It's totally fine if it's a series, but when you end a standalone with a cliffhanger, like what Alathea Romig did in Insidious, you make me think about hundreds and thousands of possible endings and that's totally not cool. Maybe that's what the author wanted to achieve but I sometimes feel that it's just because they cannot decide what ending they wanted the book to have. Don't make me get started about alternate endings. How I Met Your Mother anyone?

And that's the 7 Things I Look For In A Book some are just rants since I got totally carried away. :D

So what's 7 things YOU look for in a book?


  1. I usually check the blurb and if the cover looks good that's a bonus!!! Love this tag :)

    1. I know. :) I wish all the books have awesome covers. :)

  2. I never look at the cover bec I've seen some books with extremely less than impressing covers but are filled with such amazing stories! Loved this tag!

    Alex @ The Book's Buzz

    1. Aw, I always try NOT to look but it's hard since it's the first thing I see. :) If you love this tag you should do it too! :)

  3. I love beautiful covers! I just bought a book based on the cover alone. Also I typically read the first page or two of a book I am interested in (whether sample of Kindle edition or in the bookstore). If I want to keep reading after the initial first page, then I am sold!

    1. I know the way you feel and it's sometimes annoying when you buy a book because of a cover and it turned out to be a disappointment. :) Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Yes...the title and the cover...they are at my top list too. People say "Don't judge a book by its cover". But, call me shallow....I always do that...for me the cover is so important.

  5. This tag is awesome, but I feel like you've already made all the good points :) I'm terrible when it comes to judging books by their cover, half the time I don't even read the synopsis and I end up with really bad books... But oh well, that's not gonna stop me.

    1. Lara, I would totally love it if you did this tag too seeing that nobody bothered to post there tag *faints due to stress* so you should totally do it. :)

  6. Lately, I always base my readings according to it's synopsis and so far I'm quite liking the results. Although, having a beautiful cover is a plus. Awesome tag :)

    1. Thank you. You should totally do this tag too! I want to read your thoughts on this IMPORTANT matter. :D

  7. Great post Chanielle! Personally, I love it, when the author picks these unique settings, with unique words, not just cliché stories. And the cover... God, I have an obsession with covers, and makes me miss some pretty good books.
    Have a great weekend!

  8. This tag is great! I must admit that pretty covers always get my attention haha :P but if I don't like the synopsis I won't be getting the book, of course.

    Lipstick and Mocha