Feature and Follow #6

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Feature and Follow Friday is hosted by Parjunkee and Alison Can Read. This week's F&F topic/question is: 

Post a funny Youtube video (doesn’t have to be book related).

   So I posted this video since this is        my very first Youtube video and it        was really horrible I can't help but        laugh at myself and cringe while I        edited it. But I still find making            videos fun so even though it's              horrible at least I'm enjoying myself. 

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  1. Hahaha nice Christine! English isn't your first language is it? I'm impressed ;) Keep it up.

  2. It's so tiny I can't even see it and then I click on it and it's so huge it takes up my whole screen...lol. Also can't hear you..but at least you were brave to get on there and now your probably good at it..I still haven't even tried..lol.


  3. Hopping through. I think the embedding didn't go quite right, because it's super small.
    My FF

  4. Nice! I would never be brave enough to do my own video.

    Here's my Follow Friday

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  5. Hahaha! To be honest, I could barely hear you! You're much bolder than I am though - I've never made a video of myself! Old follower :) Thanks for visiting Cornerfolds!

  6. I'm way to afraid to make my own videos. I once tried for a meme and immediately refused to ever do so again! Yours looks great though :) Thanks for sharing :) I hope you have a great weekend!
    My Friday post
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  7. I would never dare to actually do a vlog post... I don't like to see myself like that, so kudos to you! And you're right, Christine, if we can laugh at ourselves, everything is easier :)
    Have a fantastic Friday, and happy reading.

    Lexxie @ (un)Conventional Bookviews

  8. I don't have enough patience to create a video (let alone share it). I'd get too frustrated with myself in the editing stages...and since I can't even take a good selfie, we know how the quality would turn out! LOL

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  9. Thanks for following my blog. I have always wanted to create youtube videos but I'm so nervous. Maybe one day when I get over it I will do it. Everyone that I know says its so much fun.

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    -Ericka @Highway-Y.A.

  10. Thanks for following! I followed you back on GFC!

  11. I followed you back on GFC.

    Nice video, you're beautiful! :)

    Henna @ Howling for Books

  12. A lot of guts you have! Thanks for sharing. You have a new follower!

    My FF

  13. Happy Friday, I'm a new follower

  14. Great video. Not bad at all. You look beautiful and it's more than I've ever done on youtube. :D

  15. Hopping through. Good luck with the video editing!

    Terri M.
    Second Run Reviews

  16. Not bad for your first try!

    New follower via Bloglovin'

    Thanks for following my blog :D