Romancing the Billionaire

The New Billionaire Boys Club novel by the New York Times bestselling author.

The Billionaire Boys Club is a secret society. Six men of astonishing wealth. But there’s one thing money can’t buy. When it comes to love, success doesn't come so easily...

Publication Date: Nov 4, 2014
Length: 304 pages
Kindle Edition: $4.99
Paperback: $7.99

Jonathan Lyons. Playboy, billionaire, and adventurer, he lives life on the edge. When he hears that his mentor, Dr. Phineas DeWitt, had a secret journal that leads to a legendary artifact, Jonathan takes action. It stirs his blood, but it comes with a heady challenge: DeWitt's daughter Violet. She has what Jonathan needs. And she’s not giving it up it to the man who broke her heart.

Violet is Jonathan’s weakness—he’s still in love despite their volatile breakup a decade ago. But Violet’s memories have a sharper edge. She’s never forgiven him for abandoning her. Or so she thought. When Jonathan’s attentions turn seductive, she’s in danger of falling for him all over again. And she can’t help but wonder... does he really want her, or just what she's hiding?


Cover: 5
Plot: 3.5 

Overall Rating: 4
I don’t want another to love you, Because I wanted you for myself. I've never stopped loving you. Never stopped wanting you. Every second of every day, my heart has always been yours.
When I was asked to join a blog tour for Jessica Clare's newest book, Romancing the Billionaire, I was pleasantly surprised. (pleasantly surprised being an understatement) The reason being that Billionaire Boys Club was one of the few series that I read and waited for almost religiously, and being given a chance to host a blog tour and get an ARC is truly amazing. 

Violet Dewitt is the daughter of famous archaeologist Dr. Phineas Dewitt and when her father died, she was set of to a scavenger hunt which was one of the things her father loved her to back in her childhood, and with the man who broke her heart, Jonathan Lyon a handsome billionaire. 

Violet's father wasn't very attentive to her emotional needs while growing up add in the fact that because of him, her mother resorted to drinking because of depression it's not a shock that she resented him. When Violet was asked by his father to join his latest dig after her graduation, she believed that it was a way of her father trying to bring them closer together but that wasn't what happened since his father also invited his students to join them and there she meets Jonathan Lyon. 

On that short summer, she fell in love with the greatest guy but ended up leaving without him after he flat out refused her when she asked him to start up a family with her. Now ten years later, he's back again and the same passion they had was still there. Can she forget the past and start again or will she let the past ruin her chance for happiness? 

This is the fifth installment to the series and although it was an entertain read, it wasn't up to par with the other books to the series. Although I cannot exactly pinpoint what made it lacking, it just didn't have that much impact to me.

Violet was a very interesting character since she started out as sort of a carefree individual but due to what happened ended up being reserved. I didn't like the fact that she was adamant on not forgiving Jonathan when it wasn't his fault but the fault of her father. I understand that it's hard to trust someone after something horrible happened between you, but it just wasn't fair of her to put the blame on Jonathan who was as much of a victim as she was.

Jonathan was such a sweet guy. He was very young when he and Violet first met so I couldn't exactly blame him for not wanting to be serious with her back then since he still had a lot to learn in life. Although he suffered greatly from what happened, I believe that it really helped him into becoming the man that was worthy of Violet. I also liked that he had a sense of humor unlike most of the billionaire heroes who had tendencies to always brood and be mysterious. It was a very refreshing change to be honest. 

The plot was interesting since although the main focus of this book is the romance between Jonathan and Violet, the dynamic between Violet and her father was also a nice touch to the book. Although I did not like how her father asked forgiveness once he was already dead, (for me that is a sign of cowardice) it still added a nice twist to the book.       

Overall Romancing the Billionaire was a very good book despite some things that I did not like about the book and it was an interesting installment to the series. I can't wait for the next book to be released!

Received digital edition in exchange for an honest review
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