Nothing But Trouble

She's the kind of trouble he can't resist ... 
With an angry loan shark hot on her heels, Frankie Delenski flees a Vegas gentlemen’s club with one thought in mind: hide before she’s nothing more than a chalk outline. Now on the run...she finds herself stranded in a sleepy Colorado town during a storm. Her only salvation becomes the suspicious and gorgeous deputy sheriff determined to arrest her... From the get-go, Wes Malone must restrain his lust for this stunning, unpredictable woman in a sequined bra and rely on his instincts as a cop. As he sifts through the haze of lies, the truth about her predicament is like a sucker punch to the gut. She’s in serious danger and getting involved with her means nothing but sweet, irresistible trouble…

Publication Date: November 14, 2014
Kindle Price: $2.99
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Cover: 5
Plot: 3
Characters: 3

Overall Rating: 3

Nothing but Trouble focuses on the heroine Frankie Delenski who loaned from a loan shark named Domino to pay for her father's funeral. When she wasn't able to pay her debt, Frankie hightailed from her job afraid of what Domino would do to her. She ended up in a small town in Colorado and after a series of events ends up staying with sexy Deputy Wes Malone.

The story started out really strong but there were some parts in the book where I was expecting for more from the scenes happening and I would be disappointed. One example was when there was the scene where the killer was going to be revealed and it was unsatisfying since it only took about three to four pages of the book when it was supposed to be the highlight of the book asides from the romance part. One great thing about this book is that although it was an action romance, it still had parts where it was very funny and I really appreciated it.

Now let's talk about the characters. Frankie was a very out going female and Wes Malone just reminds me of Sylvester Stallone. (See their names even rhyme!) Wayne a secondary character which I firmly believe will be the focus of the next book since an author would never write about someone for that long if that wasn't the case. So back to Wayne, although he appeared like a serial killer at first, he was just a sweet guy who has problems socializing.

I loved the dynamic between Frankie and Wes since although I really did like Frankie's spontaneity and outgoingness, half of the time she appeared like a complete airhead. The decisions she made wasn't that good from the very start of the book and more often than not, she was the one who led trouble to Wes, hence the title. If Frankie was spontaneous to the core, Wes was the complete opposite. He was a person who thinks first before doing something and he was someone people could trust, and that's why I really liked him.

Although I really truly did like the book there were just some things that did not make it truly spectacular for me. One was the way Frankie sometimes acted. I wasn't able to sympathize with her since I guess I felt her character was lacking in the brain department. She always seemed like she was walking in the park even if the circumstances were dire. My opinion of her changed towards the end of the book but her bad decisions in my opinion outweighed the good.

The mystery part of this book wasn't such a mystery since halfway through the book I already knew the person who intended to harm Frankie. Or maybe it was just my awesome detective skills.

Although I had some issues regarding the book, it was still a good debut novel and I am expecting more from J.L Hammer.

Reveived digital edition from publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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    Great review! I also really love the way your blog looks, great job with that too!

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  2. Thanks for posting your review. I'll have to add it to my pile. Mary

    1. No problem, Mary. Hope you would like this book too!