10 Types of Heroes You'll Meet While Reading

1.The Billionaire

He's the one who's uber rich, owns tons of companies and may also be a Dominant.

2.The Alpha

A.K.A The Caveman or The Neanderthal.

The type who is very possessive and acts like a caveman.  
Sometimes hot, but most of the the times the caveman act is just plain annoying.

3. The Fighter

May include boxers, MMA fighters 
Hot and Dangerous. Will fight for the heroine until his last breath.

4. The Law Enforcer

Includes NAVY Seal, Military, Firemen and Policemen
The type who follows the law but has a in bed.

5. The Artist

Moody and Deep. A very philosophical type and also creative in bed.

6. The Comedian

The type who appears happy-go-lucky and no care in the world but is really someone who is hiding his pain beneath his smiles.

7.The Athlete

The type who is very particular about his health and has a legion of women who want to be with him because of his fame but he only has his eyes for the heroine. Loves working out and the book may be focused on his recovery from an injury or his retirement.

8.The Medical Man

Has a very caring personality and is the type who will never let the heroine get hurt in any way. 

9.The Bad Guy Who Is Really A Good Guy

The type who warns the heroine how wrong he will be for her and how he'll just hurt her in the end.

10. The Nerd

My favorite hero out of all of 'em. He's quirky and sometimes awkward, but will love the heroine with all that he has.

So that is the end of the list! Hope you all like it! I have tons more to add so if you want a part two then just comment down below.
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