Ramblings Of A Bibliophilie: An Introduction

A weekly feature that will mainly be about books and random things.

So this will be a new feature to my blog which will basically be about random things that I am thinking. It will be mostly be about books but since I am VERY random,  I decided to add this feature to my blog because I have noticed that I have never posted anything which seems like I am talking to you guys personally so that's why I made this. 

This week's ROAB (Ramblings of A Bibliophile) will be a short introduction, (depending on what I write) about me, books and random things in general. 

Since this weekly post will be about books I'll start with one of my most treasured memory as a bookworm, and that is the very first time I learned to read.

Back when I was I kindergarten, I was one of the "Rebel Kids" in class. I would be very noisy and so when our teacher first introduced reading to us, I wasn't the first person she called to try to read the book she was holding (the book was Green Eggs and Ham) and you know that the first person a teacher calls is someone she either thinks is smart or the complete opposite. 

In that case, she called the smartest kid in class. So you could picture little ol' me in the corner seething with jealousy for not being called first. Which was obvious already since I rarely paid attention back then but I still can't help but feel that I DESERVE to be called first. Oh the injustice!

So the children who weren't called slowly diminished until the only person who wasn't called was me. By then I was seething with anger because my child brain couldn't handle the fact that everyone else was called and I was the only one who wasn't. At that time nobody was able to read and I could see that my teacher wasn't expecting me the naught kid, the one who would never listen be able to do it.


The feeling of turning all those words into something beautiful, something I could see so clearly like it's real was something I could never forget. Plus the look pf complete shock on our teacher's face was also a big bonus.

After that, I started to read anything that I could get my hands upon but all the books could never compare to the feeling I got when I was first able to read. 

So now I'll be ending my very first ROAB, but before I do I want to learn more about you guys. So comment down below your first ever experience with reading and let's enjoy life being a bookworm!
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  1. I remember when the other kids were playing in the sandpit or in the water bath, I'd be sitting in the library corner reading The Hungry Caterpillar for the hundreth time! Books interested me more than playing with the classroom toys...

    1. I know right? Books are sometimes better than friends because they don't judge us.