Things Bibliophiles are Sick of hearing

I know as bibliophiles, people have a certain perception of what we should look like or how we should act. Which is annoying and this is not limited to bibliophiles only. People in general tend to judge a person based solely on their looks or interests. So here are some of the things that I personally am sick of hearing.


Nerd as defined by Mirriam-Webster
"An unstylish, unattractive, socially inept person."
So no I am not a nerd.

2. "Do you even have time to exercise with all the reading you're doing?"

Carrying hardbound books is enough for me.

3. "Why do you read books when you can watch the movie?"

Because the movie is rarely better than the book.

4. Its just a book.

It is NEVER just a book.

5. Aren't all books practically the same?

6. I already watched the movie so I don't have to read the book.

7. I love reading! I have the latest issue of *insert popular magazine*


8. You should go out more.

I don't need to. I have been able to travel more than you could ever do without leaving my home.

9. Why do you like books? I mean, its just a bunch of words.

And my list is done. I love doing these type of posts because it's super fun to write and you guys seem to enjoy it too! Which is pretty awesome since I love being able to talk to you guys. :)

So as a bibliophile, what are you tired of hearing from other people?
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