Before He was Famous

Before He was Famous by Becky Wicks

Publication Date: May 25, 2014
Length: 279 pages
Kindle Edition: $4.99


From International Bestselling HarperCollins Author, Becky Wicks, comes a new adult romance that will leave you starstruck.

***Warning: this book contains graphic language, sex, and mature situations. Not intended for young adult readers.***

One guy, one girl. One in the spotlight. One in the shadows.

Falling in love with your best friend isn’t always a great idea, especially when he’s Noah Lockton - the sexiest, most famous new talent on the planet. When 21-year-old small-town photographer Chloe Campbell is offered the chance of a lifetime – to join her celebrity childhood friend Noah on tour as an exclusive blogger for a New York magazine – she’s certain both have put what happened four years ago behind them. But his eyes still burn; his voice is still a jackhammer to her heartstrings; all his songs are about her. Is it possible that that night still haunts them both?

The music industry is a machine, spinning hype and rumors as much as his records. It’s not just Noah’s girlfriends who’ve got it in for Chloe (there’s no stopping the Twitter-obsessed, cat-loving pop-star Courtney Lentini for starters). Pretty soon, the jealousy and media frenzy surrounding these so-called-friends takes a life-changing turn and it seems making love means making enemies at every turn. When tragedy threatens to pull the final curtain on their relationship, both Chloe and Noah must make a choice. As much as this world leaves them star struck, is living their dream really worth living without each other?

A story of lifelong friendships, love and hope, set in a world of celebrity, fame and social media gone very, very wrong.


Cover: 4
Plot: 3
Characters: 3
Overall Rating: 3

What lies behind all the glitz and glamour of Hollywood? This is what the book was mainly about.

Before He was Famous was a book that I liked reading a lot. The plot was something I liked since it gives readers an insight on what being famous is, behind all the glitz and glamour. We all have been guilty some point in our lives of watching an episode of X Factor, The Voice, or America’s Got Talent and this what the book was about.

Before He was Famous tells the story of Noah Lockton, sexy gorgeous and is madly in love with his best friend Chloe. Chloe was also in love with Noah but how can she ever compete with the model-worthy girlfriends that Noah seems to constantly be with. While from Noah’s perspective, even if he wants to be with her, Chloe’s loser boyfriend Cooper was always in the way.
Now here comes the famous part.
After joining a singing competition and winning it, Noah Lockton was now one of the hottest males in Hollywood. With his new found fame, Chloe had an opportunity working with Shimmer Magazine. Even though now that they are both unattached, they still can’t tell their feelings to each other because of the pressures attached with being famous.
Most of the time I was irritated with Chloe because she keeps on pushing Noah away but every time she was afraid that he’ll never come back. I mean seriously, make up your mind girl! You either want him or you don’t. She also uses Noah’s fame as a security blanket and tells him she can’t be with him because the pressure of the industry is something she can’t live with.

Noah was also irritating at times since he had a girlfriend and he still went and had a relationship with Courtney his fellow contestant. Though my irritation with him wasn't as great as the irritation I felt with Chloe. I liked how he was willing to risk his fame just to be with Chloe. Not a lot of people will do that so I was really impressed with him.
Being famous is not all glitz and glamour like what this book shows. Noah being famous now has to play with what the label wants. That includes acting like he’s in a relationship with someone who’s not Chloe. Being Noah’s best friend made Chloe famous too which she wasn’t expecting and with that fame she became a target of a stalker who was intent on killing her.
I wished the book focused more on the singing competition and not just put snippets of it here and there. It wasn't something extraordinary but it was still an okay read.


  1. Sounds like an interesting read! Chloe does sound a little annoying. How'd you feel about Noah?

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  3. It sounds sort of interesting but nothing I would run for. Great review though!