The Job Proposal

The Job Proposal by Wendy Chen

Publication Date: June 17, 2014
Length: 193 pages
Kindle Edition: $4.99


All's fair in love and work.

Kate is enjoying being engaged—that it's a hoax is beside the point. To succeed at her ultra-conservative finance job she needs to reform her flighty, party-girl reputation, and a good old fashioned marriage of convenience is exactly what she needs to put her one step closer to the promotion of her dreams. But when Adam, Kate's best friend from high school, arrives for a visit, her perfect arrangement suddenly isn't so perfect anymore.

The nerdy boy she remembers from her teen years has grown into a gorgeous and successful man, and he's vying for her affection. Soon all the things Kate thinks she wants will change, and everything she doesn't know she needs, she may not be able to live without.

But will she be able to let down the walls she’s built to guard her heart and trade her fierce independence for love?


Cover: 5
Plot: 3
Characters: 3

Overall Rating: 3

The Job Proposal by Wendy Chen was very different from the books that I have been reading which was really great. In most books that I have read, the hero is always the one who doesn't believe in love and happy ever afters. But here in this book it's quite the opposite.

Kate is a career-minded individual who believes marriage should be a business arrangement. She decided to marry one of her friend for him to get a green card and she in return would be one more step closer to becoming a senior VP in the firm she is working for. But when her friend from high school came back to her life hotter than ever, can she still stay marriage is just a business deal? When Adam saw on Facebook that Kate was getting married he decided to make sure for himself if it was true. When he saw that it was only a sham and just a business strategy from Kate's part, he realizes that this is his chance to get the love of her life.

As said above the plot of this book was very refreshing. The characters were funny and they had such an amazing chemistry between them. I guess after that I should have already loved this book but it just wasn't the case. I love how a certain book captures my attention and even thinking of stopping reading it would be impossible but it didn't happen to me when I was reading this book. I didn't like what Adam did to Kate when they were younger since I felt that was one of the reasons Kate turned to a cynic. The way Adam just wanted to be in Kate's life again was somehow irritating since I felt that it was just a case of wanting something you had after you realize how important it is when you were left without it. I was very adamant to continue disliking Adam but he changed a lot from his college days and turned out to be likeable. I would have loved it if there were more parts in this book where younger Kate and Adam so I could really see how much they've changed.

The groveling part of this book was inexistent and that was also one of the reasons I didn't like it. I mean from the numerous books which I have read when the hero makes a mistake, it takes days, months even before the heroine forgives him and sometimes even if the heroine does forgive him, there's still some trust issues left. But here when Kate made a mistake she just has to say some sweet words and they're back together.

"I want to be with you and only you. I haven't figured out everything...anything...about what my life is going to be like, but I want to see where it goes with you. I want you to stay in New York for me."

See there? I know that if they really loved each other they would forgive and forget and blah blah blah... But I felt that saying a few words isn't enough. Since they are just words and what good are these words if you wouldn't put an action to them. The ending was okay but it didn't give me the flying butterflies in my stomach which I experience when I find a book that is really worth reading. But nevertheless, this book was still good and I would recommend it to people who want to reads something light without too many emotions.

Received digital edition from publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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