His Enemy's Wife


His Enemy's Wife by Sue Fineman 

Publication Date: February 4, 2014
Length: 259 pages
Kindle: $5.99

Amazon: His Enemy's Wife (MacKendrick Wives)
Goodreads: His Enemy's Wife


A con artist pulls a bait and switch on Matthew MacKendrick in a land deal. When faced with the possibility of prison, the crook signs over his home. But when Mac goes to take possession of the house, he finds his enemy's wife living there. Jillian has just buried her husband and knows nothing of his deception. Mac believes her, but his brothers don't. They're sure she not only knew, she participated in the fraud.


Cover: 2
Plot: 3
Characters: 4
Overall Rating: 3

His Enemy's Wife was a fairly good read. Jillian after her good-for-nothing husband killed himself, was now left with a lots of debts to pay, and now the house she called home for twenty-five years is now owned by Matthew MacKendrick. Sparks fly between them but how can they continue on with their relationship when Matthew's brothers believe that she was part of her husband's deception.

To be honest, I would have never read this book if I only based my decision on the cover of the book since let's be honest, the cover was utterly terrible. What really made me read this was the blurb since it was intriguing.

This was a good read as stated earlier, but I felt that it was missing something though I can't fault the writing of this book since it was really well written.

Jillian was the kind of woman who when faced with challenges in life she faces it head on and makes the best out of it. A characteristic which not a lot of people have. She was a great female lead and I really liked her character.

Matthew was hot but he was someone I did not like at first due to the way he acted when he first met Jillian. His doubt wasn't misplaced but I like believing that he should have at least applied the theory "innocent until proven guilty", when he first met her. Though he changed gradually and became a semi-likeable character for me.

I liked how the other characters were introduced and the book did not center solely on Jillian and Matthew.

Received digital edition from Publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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