Me Without You



If you enjoyed Me Before You by JoJo Moyes, One Day by David Nichols, or The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks – then make time for Kelly Rimmer’s stunning, heartbreaking novel Me Without You.

A story of how love can break our hearts – and heal them.

A year ago I met the love of my life. For two people who didn’t believe in love at first sight, we came pretty close.

Lilah MacDonald – beautiful, opinionated, stubborn and all kinds of wonderful in ways that words could never quite capture. The woman who taught me to live again.

My Lilah, who gave me so much, and yet kept from me a secret that she knew would break my heart.

My name is Callum Roberts, and this is our story.


Cover: 5
Plot: 5
Characters: 5

Overall Rating: 5

Me Without You was such an incredible read and I am so ashamed to say that I almost did not want to finish it. When I read that it was like The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks, I knew that this would be heartbreaking. Any book being compared to The Notebook would surely be heartbreaking there's no doubt about it.

This book started out slow and to be really honest I didn't like the first half of the book due to its slowness. But after finishing the book I realized that the slowness of it was needed in this book.

I loved how that the book changes from Lilah and Callum's PoV since it offers both their sides to the story and it makes the story whole.

Lilah was full of life and vitality and always gets what she wants. I loved her character and I really feel that the decision she made in the end was right for her even if it is frowned upon by society since all she wants was to not let Callum get hurt.

Callum was a sweet guy though I felt he wasn't the man in the relationship. Though after meeting Lilah he got a little bit manlier.

This book was very realistic and though the ending may have injured me for life, it gave me a new perspective on how to view things and learn that life isn't all black and white.

Received digital edition from publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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