The Breakup Doctor



Call Brook Ogden a matchmaker-in-reverse. Let others bring people together; Brook, licensed mental health counselor, picks up the pieces after things come apart. When her own therapy practice collapses, she maintains perfect control: landing on her feet with a weekly advice-to-the-lovelorn column and a successful consulting service as the Breakup Doctor: on call to help you shape up after you breakup.

But when her own relationship suddenly crumbles, Brook finds herself engaging in almost every bad-breakup behavior she preaches against. And worse, she starts a rebound relationship with the most inappropriate of men: a dangerously sexy bartender with anger-management issues—who also happens to be a former patient.

As her increasingly out-of-control behavior lands her at rock-bottom, Brook realizes you can’t always handle a messy breakup neatly—and that sometimes you can’t pull yourself together until you let yourself fall apart.


Cover: 5
Plot: 5
Characters: 5

Overall Rating: 5

I was pleasantly surprised when I got approved for this book and after seeing it in my Netgalley account, I downloaded it instantly.

Brook Ogden after her therapy practice collapses, needs a job and she was offered one as a break up doctor. She was surprised to be so good at her job but when her own relationship fails, she realizes that sometimes before you have the chance to fix yourself you need to first break apart.

This was not what I was expecting. From the synopsis of this book I was expecting something funny and light, though this book was funny and light, it also had tear-jerking moments which I clearly wasn't expecting.

Brook was very calm and collected. Something that you would expect from someone who is from her line of job, and after a very bad break up from her past, she just seemed to never let anything faze her, until her breakup with his most recent boyfriend. Brook was often referred to as an Ice Queen since she doesn't let her emotions show even if what has happened was very terrible. From her job alone, I assumed that she would know when his boyfriend would want to break up with her but that wasn't what happened in this book. She was oblivious to the fact that her boyfriend wanted to breakup with her until he said so.

That part of the book was very believable since a lot of people know how to give out advice but when it comes to their own relationships, they end up like the person who they gave advice to.

From the very start of this book I never liked Brook's boyfriend since he was acting all secretive and moody. So when Brook got all hulk on him, I was not so secretly cheering her on.

The book ended on a cliffhanger and I feel that the second book would be more exciting and I am hoping to meet Michael already.

Received digital edition from publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review

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