Ramblings of A Bibliophilie: Waiting for the Next Book

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This week I'm going to talk about series, to be more precise book series that are not yet finished. So I was looking for some great urban paranormal or paranormal books on goodreads when I saw that most if it is not yet finished

Waiting for the next installment?

I am the kind of person that doesn't like waiting (I mean, what kind of person loves waiting?) for the next installment of a book to be released because if it takes too long, by the time the book's released I have already forgotten what the book was all about. Then I'd have to re-read the previous books just so I can understand what's happening and when a series already has twelve books in it, reading it all over again is just something I feel is so tiring. 

That's also a reason why I am always late when it comes to some books because by the time the series is finished that's the only time i would start reading it, and that's fine! I'd rather hide in my house and 

I hate it more when the book ends in a cliffhanger and you get so excited for what's going to happen next but the book will be released two years from the time you started reading it. (ehem Iniquity by Amy Bartol) There are books that no matter how long it takes you'll still remember everything but those kind of books are very hard to find and most of the times you'll end up reading a series that's good but never amazing so halfway through it you'd just give up and I don't want that to happen to me so I'd rather wait for two years maybe three for a series to finish than end up not finishing the series as a whole. 

So I guess you're thinking that what I'm doing is also waiting, I agree with that, but at least I wouldn't end up with a cliffhanger.

Here are some of the books that no matter how long the installment takes you'll still be eagerly waiting for it.

1. Kate Daniels by Ilona Andrews

It's about Kate Daniels who is a mercenary and every book is a standalone but still features the same characters. Also the romance in this book slowly builds up so it does take some time before you really see some action. 

2. Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill

This series features Merit who was turned into a vampire not because she wanted to but because she will die if she wasn't turned into one. She's sarcastic, has a dry sense of humor and is not the kind of heroine who lets the hero do all the protecting.

3. Moon Called (Mercy Thompson #1) by Patricia Briggs

Mercedes "Mercy" Thompson is a mechanic, who also happens to be a walker and can transform into a coyote by will. She also sarcastic, stands up for herself and has a dry sense of humor.

These are all the books that I can think of at the moment so if you want me to do a list of recommendations, comment down below. Also what series have you been eagerly waiting for? Let me know so I can check it out. 
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  1. Sometimes I wait somewhat close to the release of the new book (like book #3 for instance) to read the one before that (book #2), if that makes any sense. But that doesn't always work out when I get too excited about a series and have to read what happens next regardless of the wait time for the next book.

    1. Oh, I understand what you're trying to say. So before you read the second book, you wait until the third book is close so your waiting time won't be longer. :D Me too! That's why I try to find another book series similar to the one which I am reading and is already finished so I can have the same feeling and waiting wouldn't be as hard. :)

  2. I tend to read the second one a couple months before the next one comes out, not for any particular reason, just because I have a ton of books to read so that's just how it happens. I hate reading a book and then realizing I have to wait a year until the next one! Sometimes I'll just wait until they're all out.

    1. Yeah. :) That's great then that you have tons of books to read to keep your mind of that certain book. It's great that you get me though, I just wait for them to be all out before reading. :)

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