Review: Sugar's Twice as Sweet

"Marina Adair writes with heart and sizzling heat. SUGAR'S TWICE AS SWEET will charm you!"
--Jill Shalvis, New York Times bestselling author

"A can't miss read with small town sweetness, endearing characters and a unique quirky flair."
--Carly Phillips, New York Times bestselling author on SUGAR'S TWICE AS SWEET

He's trouble she doesn't need . . .Thanks to a cheating fiancé, Josephina Harrington's perfect life just crashed and burned. Moving in with her overbearing parents is definitelynot an option. No, she needs to prove she can make it on her own. And she will-by turning her great-aunt's old plantation house into a destination getaway. She's just not expecting her contractor to be so hands-on-and so totally irresistible.. . . but everything she wantsBad-boy golf champion Brett McGraw figured his hometown of Sugar, Georgia was the perfect place to lay low and get his life back up to par. The leggy blonde with a pint-sized pup is the kind of sweet 'n sassy trouble he never saw coming. She doesn't know a nut from a bolt and before long, he's renovating her house . . . as she steals his heart. Can he convince Josephina that his womanizing ways are in the past and he's ready for forever?


Cover: 5
Plot: 5
Characters: 5

Overall Rating: 5 

Sugar's Twice as Sweet was a book that I have forgone reading for a very long time. Every time I see it on my Netgalley I have this urge to close my laptop because I always felt guilty for not reading it.

But out of the blue, when I saw it there this day I just decided to read it and I was really surprised when I did not just like it, I loved it! The characters were amazing, the plot was amazing basically the WHOLE book was amazing so you should definitely check this book out. Josephine "Joie" Harrington was someone who I would totally would love to have as a friend.

She didn't take none sense from anyone and she didn't let people push her around. There was a scene in the book where she needs to catch a boar or pig (sorry I don't know the difference) and instead of trying to run and catch it like what other people were doing, she sat and reached out her arm holding out sugar cubes and waiting for the pig to come to her, which was hilarious! '

Brett Mcgraw was funny and hot which I totally love because it's rare to find a hot guy with a sense of humor. His ways of protecting Joie may not be correct but he did it with her best interests at heart so he's forgiven. The side characters were hilarious especially Brett's grandmother with her southern charm and guns blazing everywhere she goes. Everything in this book was amazing so you should definitely check it out. 


  1. This happens to me all the time where I put off a book for so long and when I finally pick it up I love it and want to kick myself for not reading it sooner. Loved your review sounds like a cute and fun read...I'll be adding it to my tbr.

    1. Haha thanks for visiting and great to know that I'm not alone.

  2. I've never heard of this book, but it sounds like it's a nice, cute read! :)
    Thanks for sharing!

    Lipstick and Mocha

  3. No problem! I hope you'll check it out :)

  4. I definitely have to check this out! These characters sound amazing! And I love me a good romance! Thanks for sharing!

    Sherry@ theBloggityBLOG