Top Ten Tuesday #12

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. 

 Top Ten Characters I'd Like To Check In With

1. MacKayla Lane from the Fever series by Karen Marie Moning 

Because this girl is the funniest and strongest person ever. She started out as the typical blond bimbo stereotype, she later on became a character that I loved and adored.

2. Johnny Jefferson from Johnny be Good by Paige Toon

Johnny was such a mysterious character and I would love to see more of the story from his side.

3. Janie Morris by Neanderthal Seeks Human (Knitting in the City #1) by 

She's a fun character that I'd love to be my friend.

4. Four from Divergent by Veronica Roth

5. Beatrice Prior from Divergent by Veronica Roth

Because I need more of Tris.

6. Kate Daniels from Kate Daniels Series by Ilona Andrews

She's fierce and sassy and the next book is taking too long to be released.

7. Eugenie Markham from Dark Swan Series by Richelle Mead

Because I felt that the ending was lacking and I need more from the story. 

8. Rose Hathaway from Vampire Academy 

Because her cameo role on Bloodlines is not enough for me.

9. Merit from Chicagoland Vampires by Chloe Neill

10. Liam Callahan from Ruthless People by J.J McAvoy

I reached ten again! Wohoo, so what are your guys list for this week? 

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  1. Oh yes to Four from the Divergent series. I love him!

  2. Ah, it's lovely to see Johnny Jefferson on someone's list. I absolutely loved Johnny! Paige Toon's books are fantastic. :-) Great choices! My TTT

  3. I'd be curious about some books with happy endings, I think, as well. One little event can ruin a happily-ever-after.

    Here's my Top Ten!

  4. Gosh I completely forgot about Four from the Divergent series- it feels so long ago since I read them books! Anyway hiya I'm a new follower :-) Here's my TTT @ Emma's Bookery if you would like to check it out :-)

  5. Oooh nice! Yeah Four slipped my mind as well, but I thought the book Four would help, but then I remembered that those were mostly prequel ones! Lots of Harry Potter today! Totally expected and still a thrill seeing it everywhere! LOL!

    I'll be curious to see how Merit's story ends. I stuck with finished series for my post. And MacKayla does pop up in these newer Fever books. I still need to read Burned, but she's there apparently!

    Here's my Tuesday Post

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  6. Ahh Yes Rose! Totally agree on that one.

  7. I'm enjoying reading about which books others put on their list. And getting lots of book suggestions. :-)

  8. I'm enjoying reading about which books others put on their list. And getting lots of book suggestions. :-)

  9. FOUR! i should definitely check in on him. To know hows he holding up and all.

  10. I have no patience to wait for books to come out and there are a few I'm getting twitchy about! I'm too focused on these to give much thought to where characters are now. I need to go back and try Kate Daniels again. I was in a bit of a slump when I read it years ago and would like to give it another chance. Might do the same with Vampire Academy...

  11. Great list. The characters from Divergent seem to be very popular this week.

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  12. Haven't read any of these. :) I keep meaning to check out Vampire Academy, though.

  13. #3 sounds like a fun book.;)
    Yes! More Tris!

  14. The Divergent characters for sure. Great list! :)

  15. Oh great list!! I agree re: Rose and Mac! There are a ton of kickass women on your list!!

    Thanks for stopping by My TTT!

  16. Definitely agree with you on Four. He was the most interesting character in the Divergent series to me and I'd love to know how life turns out for him.

  17. I've only read VA and Divergent on your list, but Four almost made mine as well. I'd definitely want to know how his life turned out. And of course, one could never get enough of Rose. :) Great list, and thanks for stopping by my TTT earlier. :)

  18. I haven't read any of these yet but I'm planning on reading the Divergent series soon and possibly Vampire Academy in the distant future.

  19. Interesting list!!I added Rose and Dimitri from Vampire Academy in my list as well and I desperately wanted to add Merit but I didn't.Chicagoland Vampires is definitely one of my all time favorite series but unfortunately I haven't read the seventh book yet.Thanks for stopping by my TTT post and commenting.Happy reading!

    Elena @ Book Lady's Reviews

  20. I actually need to finish the Divergent series before all the movies are made. I haven't read any of these other books, but I understand wanting a new book in a series to be released sooner!

  21. I haven't read too many of the books you mentioned in your list, but I totally see where you're coming from with Four and Tris! The ending to Allegiant was not satisfactory for me, and I definitely need to see more of what happened after the book ended. I haven't read the Bloodlines series yet, but Rose was a pretty awesome heroine in the VA series, so I'm sure just one cameo wouldn't be enough for me either xD

    - Connie @ The YA Book Thief

  22. Ain't anybody getting more Tris!!! (Enter evil laughter) :D

    I still need to finish VA, i gave up after book 1, thou everyone promises it gets better after that one!

    Great list!

    brooke @ booklife4life :)

  23. I'd love to see how Four is doing! I understand what you mean about Tris, I would have loved more of her.

    Top Ten Tuesday

  24. Yeah! I love Rose and Dimitri and I really want to read more of them :)

    Sofia @SofiaLovesReading

  25. totally agree with your picks from the divergent series! have you read "Four" by Veronica Roth? It is really good, if you're hoping to hear more about Four after everything that occurs in the series! great list this week!

  26. Divergent is a definite must for this list! Great list also btw!