10 Kinds Of Readers

Since there are different kinds of readers out there, I decided to feature ten of which I can think off from the top of my head. 

1. The Silent One

This is the type of reader that is quiet, rarely reacts to emotional scenes and the most that you can get from them is a slight smile.

Mostly Seen:
In a corner, reading. 

2. The Sharer

This is the type of reader who loves to share every book he absolutely loves. She epitomizes the saying "Sharing is Caring"

3. The Spoiler

This type of reader has similarities with The Sharer but the main difference between the two is that the former refrains from saying important parts, the latter will tell everything worth mentioning in a book.

4. The Emotional One

This is the type of reader that cries with almost everything in the book. The first meeting of the characters, first date, second date,third date...and so on and so forth.

Mostly Seen:
Watching chick flicks and loves romance...a lot.

5. The Perfectionist

This is the type of reader who edits the book in his mind while reading. His thoughts range from "This should have happened like this" or his favorite which is "I know how to make this better"

6. The Hater

This reader is slightly similar to the perfectionist but the main difference is that the former knows when what she is reading is good and the latter doesn't care because she just hates everything. 

Mostly Seen:
On social media sites hating on other. 

7. The Obsessed One

This is the type of reader that when she finds a great book she buys all the reader's collectible items, buys the book in both hardback and paperback, attends book signings and knows all the memorable quotes.

Mostly Seen:
In the secret shrine she keeps for her books.

8. The Wow-I-Never-Knew-She-Reads-Books-Like-This-Reader

9. The Conservative One

This is the type of reader that only reads genres which she has already tried and tested. Rarely goes out of her comfort zone if she ever does and is content with reading the same genres again and again.

Mostly Seen:
Every Sunday at her local church or at the local country club.

10. The Risk Taker

This reader is the complete opposite of number ten. This is the type that reads whatever that catches her fancy and doesn't stick to one genre or theme.

Mostly Seen:
Hiking, Bungee-Jumping and doing adventurous things in life.

So what kind of reader are you?

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