Reason Why I Won't Read Grey

Let me make a confession to you guys. I loved Fifty Shades Of Grey. 

I know. You don't have to tell me. I know it already. I accept it. A lot of people hated this book calling it a soccer mom's fantasy.

But let me tell you a story. Then you'll be able to understand why I loved this series.

Once upon a time there was a bibliophile who has never read a book where it involves whips and chains. She saw Fifty Shades of Grey accidentally and thought it was a vampire book. It was because of the word "secret" in the synopsis. 

Seeing that vampires were very popular then, she wanted to try it out for the sake of seeing what everyone is being hyper about. Halfway through the book she realized there were no vampires in the book but she was introduced to something else. Something even better...and that was Bondage Dominance Sadism Masochism or BDSM.

So that's the story of how I learned about BDSM and books which has these themes. So although I agree with people which say that FSOG was not a great representation of BDSM, I still love it. Why you ask?

Well FSOG, is like my first love when it comes to BDSM, and even though it has its faults,  it still has its own special place in my heart. Just like a person's first love.

So now you're asking me if I loved FSOG then why am I not wanting to read Grey.

Well the answer is pretty simple.

One of the major factors that made me adore the book was the mysteriousness surrounding Christian Grey.  I loved how he was very hard to understand and how f*cked up he was. It was even the WHOLE POINT OF THE BOOK. 

I just feel that reading Grey would take away the whole mystery surrounding Christian Grey and the whole point of the book (asides from BDSM) would be gone. 

So maybe in the future my decision would change and I'll try reading Grey but for now I won't. 

How about you guys? Did you like Fifty Shades of Grey? If you did, will you read Grey? Have you read it already? What did you think of it? Tell me all about it down below and we could talk about it!

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