Review: Faking Perfect by Rebecca Philipps

Paperback, 272 pages
Expected publication: June 30th 2015 by Kensington

“Edgy and honest, Faking Perfect is the real thing.” –Huntley Fitzpatrick
When Lexi Shaw seduced Oakfield High's resident bad boy Tyler Flynn at the beginning of senior year, he seemed perfectly okay with her rules:
1. Avoid her at school.2. Keep his mouth shut about what they do together.3. Never tease her about her friend (and unrequited crush) Ben.
Because with his integrity and values and golden boy looks, Ben can never find out about what she’s been doing behind closed doors with Tyler. Or that her mom’s too busy drinking and chasing losers to pay the bills. Or that Lexi’s dad hasn’t been a part of her life for the last thirteen years. But with Tyler suddenly breaking the rules, Ben asking her out, and her dad back in the picture, how long will she be able to go on faking perfect?



If you're not into coming-of-age books dashed with a little bit of romance, then this book may not be the one for you.

To be completely honest, I tend to shy away from YA books since there are only a select few that I can really tolerate. Since personally I find YA books where the only problem the heroine has is who she'll go to prom with or being accepted by her friends shallow. I mean, life isn't JUST about what you'll be wearing to the prom and reading books which has heroines who are like that irritate me.

Faking Perfect does have the heroine constantly wanting to fit in with her friends which did make me a little bit wary but since a lot of people on Netgalley requested this book I decided to check it out and I am extremely happy that I did.

Like I said earlier, the heroine Lexi Shaw was trying hard to hide the parts of her life which was not so perfect, that wasn't the whole plot of the book. She had deeper problems, like having a mother who acts younger than you and finding that your father whom you thought dead wasn't dead at all. Add in the fact that her friends-with-benefits Tyler Flynn starts having feelings for her, this book turned out into something that doesn't seem shallow to me.

There were many times I was not able to relate with Lexi since she was trying very hard to seem like someone she's really not and as a person like me, I feel that it's something weird. I myself am not popular in school but I don't feel the need to change myself just to be accepted. I'd rather have few friends than having many who doesn't really know the real me. So this is just based from my own opinion since I never really did try to fit in so I can't really understand why the heroine felt that way.

Another thing which I really would have loved to see was more of Tyler. Halfway through the book, Tyler just disappeared and was shown only in some bits and pieces here and there. Which was really disappointing.

Toward the end, the book got better and better since Lexi started to accept herself for who she was which was really amazing. The ending was very realistic and didn't end in a way that made you feel that this can't happen in real life which was pretty amazing.

Overall the book was entertaining but it did have some things which I did not like so that's why I gave it a solid 3.
received digital edition from publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review

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