Moving from Blogger Comment to Disqus

See something new? Well that something new is me moving from blogger comment to Disqus!

When I first heard about Disqus, I was very hesitant to use it because of the fact that I feel using a different site would be a hassle because I  need to go to that site and login, make another account so on and so forth. While in blogger comment all I need to do is log in to my blogger account.

I never really expected that I was going to make this move because every time I read that someone had spam issues on their blogs I always assumed that it would never happen to me because I only have a small audience. 


After a few months all was going smoothly and there was no spam in sight. Once I reached my blog anniversary, after a few days after that, I received this comment.

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I wasn't too bothered by that since I could just remove it easily on blogger comments section. I even found reading the spam message hilarious. But when I lost internet for a week, that was when everything became horrible.

Since I join a couple of bookish memes and had some saved blog posts that I could easily publish using my phone that was how my week went. I didn't look at my comments section since I was sure that it was just about the memes. Since I reply to those comments on their blog, I never really bothered replying on my own comments section.

When the internet was up and running, I was ecstatic. I haven't been able to check my blog for a week and since I have a scheduled post coming up checking my blog was my top priority. After making sure everything was going great, I decided to check my comments section.

There I saw so many spam messages on different posts and on different days! 

Because I had been gone for a week, it was hard tracing the spams so I ended up leaving some still published. 

That's when I decided to make the move. Now I have been using Disqus for nearly a month already and I am pleased with it. I only had one incident of spam and I deleted it easily by replying to the notification email disqus sent me but asides from that one time, I have never received spam again. Hope I won't jinx it!

If you ever do make the change too, here are some pros and cons of using Disqus so you can be sure whether you wanna make the change or not.


  • Awesome spam detector! 
  • Great minimal design that you can edit to your liking.
  • You can share, up vote or down vote comments!
  • Logging in is surprisingly easy since you can use your other social media sites for it.
  • It has a relatable posts thingy below your comments section.
  • Easily manage comments using email. You can delete, say a message is a spam and approve it all by replying to the notification email disqus sends you every time someone posts a comment to you blog.
  • If you open the disqus website, you can see other people's blog posts and who commented on them which makes it easier.
  • VERY POPULAR! I see lots of popular websites using disqus.
  • Sometimes it takes too long to load. 
  • Some people don't use disqus so it may lessen your comments.
  • Disqus doesn't move the comments you have from blogger to disqus, but it doesn't remove them. It's still in your blog.

Overall I personally haven't seen any lessening of comments, in fact I have seen people commenting more! Maybe it's the fact that I post more insightful things but I still think disqus is another part of it. 

I made the change, will you too?
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